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Launch feedback and improvements

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It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 weeks since our launch!  We’ve received a lot of substantive feedback from all sorts of people and have been working hard to rapidly improve Datafiniti based on what we’ve been hearing.

Here are a few updates we’ve made since launch:

  • Keyword search is now available as the default search option.  You can still use the dfQL-based advanced search by clicking on “Switch to Advanced Search”.  Keyword searches give you less control over the data set returned, but are much easier to use.
  • More interactive walk-through for advanced dfQL search.  The walkthrough provides better feedback when you’re inputting something wrong.

Here are some things in the development pipeline:

  • Improving response time.  Right now search response time is too inconsistent.  Sometimes data sets are generated in 1-2 seconds and sometimes it takes 2 minutes or longer.  We’re exploring and testing several different methods of bringing down the response time to ~1 second on average.
  • Adding more exploration of data rows.  We’ll be adding a link on each row to see all available information for that entity so you can learn more about what data is available in Datafiniti.
  • Easier API.  We’ll be reducing the # of steps required to work with the API.  We’ll try to get it down to a 1-step process.
  • More data!  We’re aggressively adding more data to fill out our business and people data right now.

Stay tuned!  We’re just getting started!

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October 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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