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Upcoming Updates – API V2 Downloads

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Our current focus on Datafiniti development is bringing version 2 (V2) of our API up to speed.  We have been using it internally to deliver data to beta customers, but still have some work to complete before it’s ready for prime-time.

Upcoming Data Updates

  1. Daily Crawl Updates. We have completed the process for this and are now working on (a) improving its speed so more records can be pulled in and (b) adding more sources that this process covers.
  2. Automated Business Data Collection.  We’ve begun work on a new process that will leverage our information on business websites to supplement our data.  We currently have 5 million+ business websites in our business database.  The process we’re developing will crawl these websites and automatically pull out information from them.  The plan is to start with collecting business name, address, Twitter handle, Facebook page URL, and career page URL, and then expand the attributes we collect from there.

Upcoming Datafiniti Updates

  1. API V2 Downloads. We’re focusing primarily on getting the V2 download process stable and reliable enough for use on the live website.  We’re using beta customer orders as test cases to help us debug issues with the API.  This may cause delays in delivery times as we work out issues.

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September 27, 2013 at 12:51 pm

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