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V2 Download App Now Available!

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Exciting news!  V2 of our download app is now available at  If you’re an existing Datafiniti customer, you should begin using this download app as soon as possible.  We plan to retire the V1 download app sometime next week.

Here are some specific changes you should be aware of when using the V2 download app:

  1. SOLR vs SQL syntax.  The V2 download app use solr query syntax as opposed to a sql-style syntax.  If you’re an existing customer, you’ll be receiving an email with sample queries matching your use case to help you construct the new queries.  You can learn more about solr syntax here:
  2. File format.  The V2 API formats files, particularly CSVs, a bit differently.  You may need to update your handling of files from Datafiniti accordingly.
  3. File generation.  The V2 API generates files differently from the V1 API.  The V2 API creates a single .zip file contains one or more files inside it.
  4. Purpose of V2 download app.  The V2 app is meant to serve as an example application for working with the V2 API.  We will not be making regular updates for it, though we will address any immediate bugs that show up.  Instead, our hope is that customers will build their own applications on top of the V2 API.  We plan on releasing documentation for the V2 API within the next month.  We will be providing language-specific API drivers (over time) to help with this as well, which will be supported.

The V2 website is also on its way.  It will most likely be available within 2 weeks from today.  Any downloads made from the V2 download app will show up under a new “My Downloads” section in the V2 website.

If you do encounter any bugs when using the download app, please let us know.  These bugs are likely a result of issues with the V2 API.  There are a couple known issues with the V2 API we are trying to isolate and resolve.  The download app itself is very light.

Once the V2 website is available, we will be working on transitioning as many existing customers as possible to subscriptions charged directly from the website.  We will also be setting up these customers with the appropriate subscription tiers and corresponding credit limits.

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November 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm

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