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Updated website & data fixes!

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We’ve made some big updates to the Datafiniti website!  You should go check it out now if you haven’t already.  Changes include:

  1. Focus on business and product data.  We’ve decided to focus on daily updates to our business and product data.  We’ll circle back with more information about what we’re doing here, but to provide a quick peek.. We’re going to be providing daily updates across hundreds of websites for business and product listings.  Our website has been updated to reflect this focus.
  2. Removed “People” data search.  People data is still technically available in our database, but since we are seeing the most interest in our business and product data, we’ve decided to focus on just those two data types for now.  People data will likely make a return sometime in the future.
  3. More content around use-cases.  Check out how Datafiniti can be used formonitoring business reviewsmonitoring product reviews, and monitoring product prices.

We’re also chunking through some much-needed data fixes.  Expect to see several attributes around businesses fixed throughout the month.

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January 15, 2014 at 12:39 pm

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